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St. Paul's Church is a small Anglican parish in the south of New Brunswick, Canada. ...

Below you will find more information about us, including our times of worship, ministry of music, community outreach and internal programmes, history and more. 

Worship Services

Day Time Service
Sunday 8:00 am Holy Eucharist
Sunday 10:00 am Choral  Eucharist


7:00 pm

Holy Eucharist


5:00 pm  

Holy Eucharist


  • the 8:00 am service is a small gathering of faithful who gather for the Holy Eucharist using the Book of Common Prayer
  • the 10:00 am Choral Eucharist uses the Book of Common Prayer for most Sundays except Christenings and other special services when the Book of Alternative Service is used.
  •  the 10:00 am service offers Sunday School for our young (not during summer months); children start off in church for 10 - 15 minutes before proceeding downstairs. They return for communion and recession.
  • the 10:00 am service is followed by coffee, juice and sweets for a time of fellowship for all

  *Tuesday and *Saturday Services (*Saturday available Oct. - May *Tuesday service available May - Oct.)

  • Saturday 5:00 pm service is an alternative to Sunday if that is not doable for you.


Sunday School classes are held every Sunday during the 10:00 A.M. service. All children ages 3 - 13 are welcome. Children arrive downstairs at 9:50 and then proceed back to the service after class. They return for communion and recession. Our Family & Youth Minister is The Rev. Rob Montgomery (Deacon). See "FAMILY & YOUTH" tab for more information.

Youth Program

The youth of our parish meet every Friday evening. See "Family & Youth" tab for more information.




The Rev. Paul Rideout, Ex-officio all committees


Assistant Priests: 

The Rev. Canon James Golding

The Rev. Eileen Irish


Peter Irish

Pam Iype


Vestry Members:

Ann Bishop - Vestry Clerk

Greg Fleet

Albert Fraser

Amanda Fowlie

Gus Bonnycastle

Stephen Palmer

Anne Dykeman

Bruce Cook

Debra Godlewski

Richard Thorne



Synod Delegates & Alternatives

Ann Bishop, Delegate

Bruce Cook, Delegate

Matthew Snelgrove, Youth Delegate


Our Rector: The Rev. Fr. Paul Rideout  

Father Paul grew up in Moreton's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland.
He received a Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University in 2007 where he studied history and religious studies. In 2010 he graduated with a Master of Divinity (Honours) from Queen's College.
He was ordained to the diaconate in May 2010 and to the priesthood in November 2010. His interest in church history led him to spend a month studying in Canterbury. He also spent time in Rome during his formation studying early church history.
Father Paul spent five years as Rector of the Parish of Port-de-Grave and two years on the staff of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in St. John's, Newfoundland. In October 2017, he moved to New Brunswick where he is currently Rector of St. Paul's, Rothesay. 


St. Paul's Assistant Priests: 

The Rev. Canon James Golding

Educated - RCS 1956, Dalhousie University, Kings College 1963

Priested 1964

Parishes - Stanley 1963, Saint James (Saint John) 1967

RCS 1971 - 1972

Honourary Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Sept. 12, 2013


 The Rev. Eileen Irish

Retired from St. Luke’s Church in Saint John, 2015

Parish of Sussex as interim  2015



Office and Parish Staff 


Secretary / Treasurers

June Bennett

Katherine Grant

Lay Pastoral Assistant

Mrs. Elizabeth Reid

Parish Visitor

Mrs. Judy Streeter


Family & Youth Ministry

The Rev. Rob Montgomery (Deacon)


Ministry of Music

Director of Music: Charles Willett

Born in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Charles earned a Bachelor of Music from Mount Allison University (1978) and then went on to the University of Regina where he studied instrumental conducting. 
Mr. Willett returned to New Brunswick in 1980, taking up residence in Saint John, where he became music director of St. Paul's Anglican Church ( Valley), from 1982 to 1985, and also at the Church Of St. John Baptist & St. Clement (Mission), from 1986 to 1989. In 1990, Charles moved to Vancouver, B.C. to further his musical studies. Receiving a Bachelor of Education, specializing in secondary music, he taught band and choir in both the Richmond (1991-2004) and Vancouver (1993-1996) school districts as a Teacher on Call. During his stay in Vancouver, he was music director at West Point Grey United Church (1990-1995), and Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church (1998-2004). Charles came to us as Music Director in 2014.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir consists of about dozen men and women who meet on Thursday nights from 7:30 to 9:00 to practice hymns, psalms and anthems.  
St. Paul’s is very fortunate in having a mixed choir, singing all parts, that is, soprano, alto, tenor and bass. 
This is the centrepiece of the music program here at St. Paul’s Church. We always welcome interested singers. 

Chiming Cherubim

The soft dulcet tones of this special group of faithful musicians cannot help but lift us up above our busy lifestyles and point us towards the beauty of heaven. Meeting on Thursdays at 10:00 am, they practice diligently the music they are preparing to play. New members welcome.


Parish Servers

This youth organization of the Parish assists in the worship of the church by carrying the Cross, lighting the candles and presenting bread and wine. The group is open to any young person who is confirmed. Members serve about one Sunday each month.

For more information please contact Robert Taylor, 847-7331 or the Rector, Father Paul Rideout.


Parish Layreaders

The Layreaders of the Parish quietly and faithfully attend to their duries, proclaiming the scriptures, offering prayers and serving the sacraments. Liz Reid attends to the scheduling of layreaders, lectors and oblation bearers.

Licenced Layreaders of the Parish:

Anne Compton, Keith Dow, Reta Dunlop-King, Rory Grant, Lew Hounsel, Pam Iype, Jean Mac Donald, Elizabeth Reid, Judith Streeter, Robert Taylor, Mildred Urquart, Hadley Wood.


Parish Sidespersons

A team regularly scheduled or reserve sidespersons act as greeters on Sunday, collect offerings, and generally oversee the services. If you are interested in joining this team contact Mary Stokes-Rees. We are looking for more people for both the 8 AM and 10 AM services. 

Altar Guild

The altar guild has the responsibility of preparing the Altar for all regular services as well as baptisms, weddings and funerals. It is also responsible for the care of the brass, communion silver, linens, altar and pulpit hangings.

Currently we have 20 active members serving on 5 teams with 3 alternates. We are always delighted to welcome new members to the Altar Guild. It is an extremely rewarding service to the church with the advantage of great camadarie.

PRESIDENT:Jane Stewart


St. Paul's Endowment Fund was established in 1999 by Vestry to act as a depository for the funds donated to St. Paul's. The concept is that funds would be held in perpetuity and the interest earned annually less an allowance for inflaion would be contributed to Parish obfectives according to a defined formula.

The Fund's Assets are managed by the Diocersan Consolidated Investment Fund. (DCIF)

The terms of trust for the Fund are as follows:

To establish a trust fund identified as St. Paul’s Endowmwnt Fund under which five communicants in the Parish of Rothesay, are chosen by the Vestry of St. Paul’s Church, Parish of Rothesay to administer the Fund as Trustees.
To solicit, to receive, and to acknowledge gifts, bequests, memorials and testimonials made to the Fund.
The allocation of funds annually shall, in the discretion of the Trustees be for undertakings and projects worthy of support using the following formula:
In any one-year the interest earned by the Fund and up to 5% of the capital may be distributed in each of the following four ways to the amount specified in any one category:
  • ¼ in support of building, renovations, restorations or repairs at St. Paul’s.
  • ¼ in support of the spiritual enhancement of the members of the parish family.
  • ¼ in support of assistance or aid to families in need or to support worthy undertakings and projects in the Greater Saint John area.
  • ¼ in support of national or international relief efforts.
Donors can contribute to the Endowment Fund in the following ways:
  • By making memorial gifts in memory of loved ones. Individuals can be memorialized through the Fund, or gifts can be made anonymously. 
  • Funeral homes have the memorial cards – ask for St. Paul’s Rothesay.
  • By remembering the Church in their wills.
  • By allocating insurance policies to benefit the Fund.
  • By a gift of an annuity.
  • By a gift in-kind of securities. 

Father Paul Rideout, Interim Chairman



 The Finance committee is responsible for the prepatarion of the annual budget in late fall. Once prepared, the Treasurer presents the operational budget to Vestry for their comments, suggestions and approval. It is then presented at the Annual Genral Meeting in February where members of the Parish have an opportunity to propose and vote on amendments or adoption as presented. Monthly financial statements are prepared by the Treasurer and the Wardens and Finance Committee meet  as required to analyze the Parish's fianancial position compared to budget projections and propose to Vestry any corrective actions they feel are necessary.

Stephen Palmer, Chairman



The Property Committee:


  • Estimates annual budgets
  • Identifies capital needs
  • Carries out ongoing maintenance of properties
  • Evaluates contractors' estimates and selects best candidate
  • Oversees work
  • Maintains all buildings


Chairman : Harry Crossley


 St. Paul's Communication Committee coordinates communication within and without the parish, including the website and The Parish Echo (newsletter).

Committee Members: Greg Fleet (chair), Kath Grant, Cassie Stanley, Paul Taylor, Rob Montgomery, Gus Bonnycastle. 


Pam Iype, Enid Haley, Keith Dow 


Mission Within the Parish committee is made up of representatives from the 7 neighbourhoods of our Parish who meet once a month to organize and oversee activities within the Parish. It plays a role in the educational, spiritual and fellowship aspects of the life of the Parish.

Lew Hounsell, Chairman

NEIGHBOURHOOD CO-ORDINATORS (see map in church hall)

Neighborhood 1 & 2 - Debra Godlewski & Robert Taylor / 2019 Women's Luncheon, '20 Pancake Supper, '22 Harvest Supper, '23 Annual Meeting Lunch

Neighborhood 3 & 4 - Kath Grant, Barb Burns, Sue Crossley, Gerry McCracken  / 2019 Pancake Supper, '21 Harvest Supper, '22 Annual Meeting Lunch, '23 Women's Luncheon

Neighborhood 5 - Susan Rodger / 2019 Annual Meeting Lunch, '20 Women's Luncheon, '21 Pancake Supper, '23 Harvest Supper

Neighborhood 6 - June Bennett, Pam Iype / 2019 Harvest Supper, '20 Annual Meeting Lunch, '21 Women's Luncheon, '22 Pancake Supper

Neighborhood 7 - Cheryl Johnson, Lew Hounsell / 2020 Harvest Supper, '21 Annual Meeting, '22 Women's Luncheon, '23 Pancake Supper



The Parish of St. Paul’s, Rothesay, has an extensive and diverse outreach ministry in an attempt to meet the needs of many people -- here in our home community, in Canada’s north, and in many parts of the world.  The Mission Beyond the Parish supports and co-ordinates many of the parish’s outreach projects. 

The Mission Beyond finances these projects with money from:

1.    Parish and committee fund raisers (e.g., spring yard sale, Sounds of Sigowet concert, Multicultural Fair, Harvest Supper, Pancake Supper, etc.) 
2.    Individual donations 
3.    Money budgeted from the operating account and determined by the vestry

Some of our past and current projects were:

1.    Romero House soup kitchen and its winter van project
2.    Inner City Youth Ministry 
3.    Kennebecasis Valley Food Basket
4.    Kennebecasis Firefighters Christmas Relief
5.    Hestia House
6.    Camps Medley and Brookwood
7.    Diocesan Choir School
9.    Elizabeth Fry Society
10.  Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)
11.  Sigowet (a school for orphans in Kenya)..go to "Mission Projects" tab for details.
12.  L’Arche
13.  Hospice Saint John
14.  Anglican ministry in the Canadian North 

The committee welcomes any parishioner who has an interest in the parish outreach ministry.

Albert Fraser, Chair  


ACW  (Anglican Church Women)

The ACW unites women of the Parish in fellowship, service, study and prayer. Dessert & Card Parties in the spring and the annual Christmas Bazaar are among their fundraising activities, in support of the Church in the North of Canada, PWRDF, the KV Food Basket, sending children to camps, foster child with The Plan and many other charities along with our parish.We have an active ecumenical quilting group who meet Wednesday and Friday for quilting,knitting and fellowship.

Monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. in the Crosby Room except for July and August.

All ladies of the parish are members and are invited to join our weekly meetings. 

President - Cathy Dykeman


Quilting - Laura McKee

Our quilters meet Wednesday and Friday mornings to quilt, knit and for fellowship. They do the quilting on quilts that have been pieced together for parishioners, and non-parishioners. The money collected for their work is donated to charities through the ACW. In 2014 they completed 5 quilts. They are always looking for quilts to work on and welcome anyone who wants to join their group.





Chairman - Liz Reid

Our aim is to provide assistance to the grieving family and to raise money for the "Building Forward Fund". 

We have 3 groups of women working at the receptions. One group makes and plates sandwiches at the church in the morning, another group make sweets at home and delivers them to the church for the reception and the third group (organized by the ACW) set up the hall, prepare the tea & coffee, put out the food and then clean up.




St. Paul’s Anglican Church and Parish, Rothesay, NB – Historical Sketch

(courtesy: Margaret Bourne)

St. Paul’s Church has an unusual and interesting history. In the days before the church was built, the community and Railway station were known as Kennebecasis, and in the waiting room of the station. Sunday afternoon services were conducted by a Presbyterian minister, the Rev. William Donald from Saint John.

Three prominent members of this mission group, Hon. John Robertson, John Rhodes, and Robert Thomson were instrumental in arranging for a proper place of worship, and in 1860, between January and August, St Paul’s was built in much of its present form, as a Presbyterian church. The land on which it stands was given by the Hon. John Robertson.

The contract for the building was undertaken by David Johnson, a carpenter of the city of Saint John. The contract stated that for seven hundred pounds, he would “raise, build and completely furnish….a certain building intended for a church or place of worship in a good, substantial and workmanlike manner, and to furnish and provide good, proper and sufficient materials of all kinds whatever necessary for that purposeThe said building to be completely finished by the 15th day of July”  The church was ready as contracted and was officially opened on August 17th.


It is interesting to note that during this same month of August, the young Prince of Wales, (later Kjng Edward VII) visited the village en route by river boat to Fredericton, and the story has it that the Prince remarked that the place reminded him of Rothesay, Scotland.  
Actually, “Duke of Rothesay” was one of his senior titles, and he was asked if the name of the village might be changed from Kennebecasis to Rothesay in his honour. The Prince graciously consented to this request.

 At this time, the village was in the Church of England Parish of Hampton, under the Rev. W. W. Walker. Parson Walker, as he was known, ministered as best he could to a vast area and a few people. Through the courtesy of the Presbytery, when he came to Rothesay, he held Sunday services in St. Paul’s either morning or afternoon, alternately with the Presbyterians. This system of sharing the church continued for some time.

In 1870, the Parish of Rothesay was separated from Hampton. It covered the entire area from Nauwigewauk to Brookville, and embraced St. Luke’s Church at Gondola Point, the oldest church in the parish, having been built in 1833. The first baptism was performed about 1870 by the Rev. S.B. Kellogg. The parents were Robert and Sarah Henderson, but the baby’s name was 
not recorded. The first marriage was performed about 1873 by the Rev. Francis Partridge between Wellesley Parlee and Margaret Saunders.

 As the population of Rothesay grew, the Church of England members of St. Paul’s became more numerous than the Presbyterians, and in 1876, the church was handed over to the Rector and wardens of the Parish of Rothesay in the Church of England Diocese of Fredericton.  The building was consecrated on May 31st by Bishop John Medley.  Some alterations were made at this time to make the church more suitable for the Church of England services.


From the very beginning of church worship in the area, and throughout the period of transition and afterwards, the Hon. John Robertson and his family were faithful supporters of the efforts of both denominations.  The Presbyterians made a new start in 1887 in a new Church Hall in the same location as the present St. David’s United Church.

In the 1880’s, the church hall for St. Paul’s was built beside the church.  The hall has been renovated and enlarged four times since, but the front section has retained its original architecture, high vaulted ceiling and pleasing ecclesiastical exterior.  Then, at the turn 
of the century, major restoration of the church took place, including paneling to cover the previously plastered walls, and lowering and paneling of the ceiling.  This called for the closure of the galleries, which previously existed on either side.

The first rectory was built on the street now known as Grove Avenue, on the site of the present McMackin house.  This was also on original Robertson land.  After it was destroyed by fire, the present rectory was built in 1904.

Since its formation in 1870, the Parish of Rothesay has undergone several changes.  At that time the parish included four churches, namely Holy Trinity, Hammond River, St. Luke’s, Gondola Point, St Paul’s Rothesay and St. James the Less, Renforth. In 1894, the mission church of St. Augustine, Quispamsis, was built. These five churches constituted a heavy ministry in those horse and buggy days.  From that time, the associated churches have gradually been separated, Hammond River in 1915, Renforth in 1932, and Gondola 
Point and Quispamsis in 1961.  Renforth joined Coldbrook as an independent parish; Gondola Point and Quispamsis were associated with the Parish of Hammond River.  Since 1961, the Parish of Rothesay has consisted of the Mother Church of St. Paul’s alone.


With the appointment of the Rev. G. E. Lloyd in 1890 as Rector of the Parish and Headmaster of Rothesay Collegiate School, the schoolboys attended the village church twice on Sunday. After their own chapel was built as a memorial to the boys who fell during World War I, they attended only once a Sunday, then once a month and now about three times a year. Eventually, Rothesay Collegiate School became a parish on its own. Over the years, the Parish of Rothesay has been very fortunate to have had the assistance of Dr. Hibbard, who was a great help to Canon Daniel during his later years, and of all the successive R.C.S. chaplains, 
Rev. Selwyn Coster, Rev. Francis Keble, Rev. Terence Davies and Rev. James Golding.

The physical aspects of the church have been maintained by several sextons for varying periods, and two of these are worthy of special mention, namely “Johnny” Kirkpatrick, about 40 years, and “Doug” Wright, for 18 years.

Without the benefit of specialist architects the majority of Canadian community churches were designed and constructed by craftsmen guided by the local clergy.  The architectural styles of these churches were dictated by the materials available and traditional conventions.  
The style in its random use of architectural elements has been termed vernacular.  Neo-classical elements used in the construction of St. Paul’s include a Greek Revival façade, Regency windows and an articulated two story bell tower, reminiscent of the Georgian spires 
of Sir Christopher Wren.

The present organ, replacing a previous one of long service, was made in St. Hyacinthe, Que. by Casavant Freres, and was installed in 1969.  It is a two-manual and pedal organ and is a mechanical action instrument of 11 stops (16 ranks), and operates under low wind 
pressure. Music has always been an integral part of the church service, and for generations a mixed choir, including boys, has served voluntarily and devotedly. Well-qualified organists and choirmasters have maintained a high standard of performance.  There names include: Mrs Hevennor, Mr. Samuel Baker, Mrs Dorothy Gooday, Mr. Trueman H. Clarke, Mr Ian Anderson, and the present organist Mr. Charles Willett.

Many gifts and memorials grace the church.  These have been added over the years and include the pulpit, carved by one parishioner, the font, altar crosses and communion vessels, stained glass windows, choir stalls, screens, honour rolls, additions to the church hall, restoration of the steeple after damage by lightning, the clock and carillon, needlepoint kneelers, bibles, hymn and prayer books and monetary gifts. Some of them are useful and practical, some are ornamental and beautiful, but all are to the Glory of God and in memory of some loved one.  A catalogue of these memorials has been prepared coincidentally with this account and is on record in the church.



Rectors of the Parish of Rothesay

Rev. W.W. Walker, 1860 – 1870 (Ministering from Hampton)
Rev. S.B. Kellogg, 1870 – 1872
Rev. Francis Partridge,  1872 – 1882
Rev. W. Hancock, 1882 – 1890
Rev. George Exton Lloyd, 1890 – 1896
Rev. Canon Alan W. Daniel, 1896 – 1927
Rev. Canon W.R. Hibbard, 1928
Rev. J.H.A. Holmes, 1928 – 1932
Rev. Canon C.J. Markham, 1932 – 1964
Rev. L.D. Batchelor, 1940 – 1943 (Interim rector during the absence of Canon Markham on Active Service)
Rev B.H. Campion, 1964 – 1972
Rev. C.N.A. Blagrave, 1972 – 1983
Rev. D.R. Stables, 1984 – 1995
Ven. Richard McConnell, 1995 – 2006
Rev. Canon Albert Snelgrove,  2007 - 2017

Rev. Father Paul Rideout, 2017 - present