Our Youth & Family Minister: the Rev. Rob Montgomery (Deacon),




Rob is with us at St. Paul’s in order to help support and lead us in our ministry as a Parish to young people and to their families.

Graduating from seminary at Wycliffe College (University of Toronto) in May 2016, Rob joined us here at St. Paul’s in the Fall of 2016, along with his wife Bethany, and their daughter Addie. He was ordained as a transitional deacon in Fredericton in June, 2018.  Starting in the Fall of 2018, Rob has also been made the chaplain at Rothesay Netherwood School, dividing his time between St. Paul's & the school.

Rob leads or helps to lead many of the Family & Youth programs here at St. Paul’s (including the Faith-Time portion of our Afterschool Program), along with a wonderful team of volunteers and assistants. On a personal note, he enjoys reading, playing guitar, hiking, coffee/tea, and good conversation. 

If you would like to explore the possibility of getting involved in some of the exciting Family & Youth programs running here at St. Paul’s, if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share with him, or if you would simply like to get to know him a little better, Rob would love to hear from you.


What can families and young people expect when they walk through the doors of St. Paul’s?


  •  Welcome: We are happy to have people of all ages worshipping with us. 


Whether you are young, “not-so-young”, or somewhere in between…

Whether you attend services often, or just once in a while…

Whether Church is something familiar, or something completely new…

Everybody is welcome, and always will be.


  •  Good News: We are a community committed to the Good News of Jesus Christ:


We gather together to encounter God’s everlasting love, through sharing in Holy Communion, through listening to the Bible, through prayer, through music, through generosity and service, and through each other too. 


It is a place where faith is found, where hope is offered, and where love is guiding us.


  •  Spiritual Nurture: We want to help everyone to grow, wherever we are in our lives.


Sunday mornings at our 10am service, our Sunday School (ages 3+) journeys downstairs with our great teaching team to learn about the Christian faith through songs, Bible stories, crafts, games, and more. Activity Bags are also available at the entrances for those who want to stay upstairs.


Children younger than 3 are also welcome to stay in the service upstairs, or to come along to Sunday School accompanied by an adult, either joining the class, or spending some time playing in our Nursery Room (which is now equipped with speakers so that parents can stay connected with what is happening upstairs).


Outside of Sundays, there are other opportunities for young people and families to get connected and involved: 


  •  Our Friday Night Youth Group - (For ages 12+) meets weekly here at the Church, usually from 7-9pm (although time and location may vary for any special events). This is a great time to relax, eat snacks, and have fun together, to explore questions of life and faith, and put those ideas into action. 

Everyone is wanted and welcome.


  •  Family Friendly Fellowship Meals - Every month or so we hold a potluck or simple meal for young families to get together, share some food, play together, and have fun as a Church family. Once again, everyone is welcome.


  •  Stay tuned for all sorts of Special Events that will come up throughout the year, as we explore all sorts of ways to grow, play, and serve together in our wider community.


  •  Confirmation Classes are available to prepare people of all ages to step deeper into their faith as Christians.


  •  Opportunities to Get Involved: We can all have a part to play here at St. Paul’s.


There are all sorts of ways to share in the life and ministry of our Church, and many of these can be wonderful ways for families to spend time together. 


Also, the opportunity to join our Choir and Servers Team (assisting with various parts of the worship services) are open to young and old alike, and any who are interested are encouraged to speak with either our Choirmaster Charles Willett, or our Family & Youth Minister, Rob Montgomery





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